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A One-Size-Fits-All approach works for almost everything but condominiums. The variability from building to building, street to street, and view to view becomes immensely complicated when buying, investing or selling. Using Condo Weekly as a backbone for relevant, local market data; our clients have the ability to know What To Buy, When To Buy and When To Sell. 


Understanding a complex market


Buy With Knowledge

Did you know Infinity 'G' stack, west facing 1 bedrooms, are sold for 5-7% cheaper than the rest of the building?

The minor details are everything in condominium buildings. Using an out of market realtor might end up costing you.

219 Brannan | CONDO WEEKLY

Invest with confidence

219 Brannan Street #2B sold for $1,200,000, and rents at ~ $5500 a month, making almost a 4.2% cap rate - relatively high for San Francisco.

Certain buildings bode well for rental units, where as others are harder to find a worthwhile ROI. Get the inside scoop.

San Francisco Realtor

Sell with strategy

Potential buyers for your property will be given well timed, tactfully crafted content to help them move through the decision making process.

The marketing process goes much deeper than raising awareness around a piece of property. Potential buyers that voice interest need to be nurtured, as with any sales process, yet real estate as an industry seems to have dropped the ball on this key tactic.


Powered By Tim McMullen

Gueco real estate group

Serial entrepreneur and global high rise real estate agent Tim McMullen has always believed in innovation, value creation and transparency in the real estate space, and Condo Weekly San Francisco is the beginning of a global push to create active marketplaces for buildings.

Putting the power back into the homeowners hands is the only goal, allowing for up to date data based on active demand for specific condominiums.

Why Me?

In the past 12 months I’ve factored in $100,000,000 worth of real estate transactions surrounding downtown San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, and actively selling a $17,000,000 penthouse in Melbourne, Australia. I’m working daily in the global market, and San Francisco is a market with exponential room for growth.

Tim McMullen