Linking Homeowners With Building Specialists

With Ready and Willing

Expert realtors trained to know both the current condo market, as well as knowing the building as if they were the original developer themselves.


A Pre-Built Marketing Machine


By marketing buildings to audiences similar to current homeowner demographics, Condo Weekly creates a database of interested buyers. Off market, private deals are simple using our platform.

Preffered Buyers:

A list of buyers ready to purchase in your building are waiting for your unit to become available.

At Fair Market Value

Data Driven:

Building specialists understand that no two buildings are the same, and no two units within the building are generally the same, either. Combining expertise with highly relevant comps as well as taking projected neighborhood changes into consideration, Condo Weekly produces an extremely accurate ‘Fair Market Value’ figure. You as a homeowner ultimately decide what you’re willing to sell for. We just provide the data.

Finding the right buyer

Should no preferred buyers find your home to be ‘the one,’ we have a proven strategy for getting global attention on almost any individual property. Our goal is to generate the largest pool of potential buyers from all over the world, not just San Francisco, and create a bidding war for a particular piece of property. Ask How