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The variance between buildings is more than just address. We analyze future building projects that will effect value + potential view encumbrances, current cost per square foot, the HOA and anything pertaining to the value of ownership in a building.


Each of the primary condo neighborhoods surrounding Downtown San Francisco vary in price point and cost per square foot. We break all that down for you, and project the future appreciation based on development and city expansion.

An Active MArketplace

Condo Weekly acts as both a news outlet and active marketplace for buying and selling real property. For those buying, submit your specific unit interests and desired timeline and our technology will inform homeowners of your desire to purchase their property. Homeowners, how convenient would an active demand tracker for the asset you own be when it comes time to move on?


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See a complete analysis of the weeks marketplace. All condos for sale, complete cost per square foot analysis, relevant building + local sales history and more. 


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Every Listing On The Open Market

Where integrations have the ability to pull one piece of data and present it differently elsewhere, Condo Weekly dives deeper. Real people giving real analysis on each and every listing that comes to market. Consider CW your daily talk-show if you're interested in buying condominium real estate in San Francisco


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